This is Naiza

This is Naiza

Born and raised in Cuba, Camagüey. Grew up with a lot of artistic influence around me. Directly from the family, mom who is a singer, uncle that makes painting with nails and yarn and an aunt with a remarkable eye for interior design and always starting a new DIY. Not to mention the great artistic culture that prevails all over Cuba.

At the age of 6 I find myself cutting away in very old magazines where you could find a ‘so called’ paper-doll with all the clothing and accessories you could ever need, all out of paper. Moved to Holland with just 11 years of age where I learned to speak Dutch in just under two years, pretty fluently. Always faccinated by languages and also by communicating. From an early age I knew that I had to do something where I could talk to people and connect with them. I am a people person.

Interested in all that is new, exciting and especially challenging. Helping my dad with the computer and wanting to know how everything works. Design my Cu2 profile only by HTML code (no expert though). I have always been willing to learn and grow mentally. Facinated by photography, lay outs and advertising since I can remember. However never knew exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up because of the wide range of interest.

From the age of 15 I started using make up and I loved what it could do. It was much like painting but on your face. You could make yourself prettier and enhance some areas, hide others. It was amazing and that is why my love grew for make up. I got to know myself more and more and after a couple of years I really got obsessed, you could say, doing nailart. I was constantly on the lookout for inspiration and would spend hours doing my nails, or that of others who wanted me to.

After finishing my International business management study I moved to Den Haag and started the course of Communication and Multimedia design. This was it, the study that really suited my needs, where you can be creative and communicate, or even communicate creatively. This is why I always thought I would end up in advertising.

That didn’t happen but I am not dissapointed in life. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish that course, but since then my life has changed tremendously. Throwing challenges at me bigger then I ever imagined they’d be, but because of those challenges I grew and got to know myself even better, The person I am now is far more determined than ever to grab opportunities and put in the 200%. Now that I know what I am capable of I am going to work harder then ever to get there.

Goals? many, as much as I can have, because I love to dream and even more so now that I know for a fact that dreams can come true.

I hope you enjoy my page, I will be posting here from make up tutorials to healthy meals alternatives and everything in between. Because I’ve always liked it all and so I want to have it all and more importantly share it all.